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At Beposke Teamwear, we transform your creative visions into tangible realities. Our commitment revolves around delivering sportswear that is not just the “best” or “desired,” but precisely tailored to your specifications. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that our products meet the evolving needs of our customers, regardless of business terms in currency.

StarCo Wear Pvt Ltd, operating as, boasts its primary office at 3108 Edwards PL Unit,103, Maryland Heights, MO, United States, Missouri. Our manufacturing facility is strategically located in North Pakistan, Sialkot, renowned as one of the oldest and largest sports goods industries globally. Here, we not only contribute to the employment of skilled individuals from underdeveloped regions of southern Pakistan but also uphold a commitment to gender equality by prioritizing the employment of women.

Our current presence extends to Italy, where we serve the entirety of Europe. Our loyal customer base includes numerous sports clubs, academies, gyms, and other organizations, all of whom have chosen Bespoke Teamwear for our unwavering dedication to quality, core values, and strong interpersonal connections.

With a relentless focus on continuous improvement, our expertise and technology are honed from decades of industry experience, mirroring the success stories you admire. Equipped with an in-house graphics design department and the status of an exclusive manufacturer, our production process is intricately designed to offer you the ultimate customer service experience. At Beposke Teamwear, we redefine team apparel by combining innovation, quality, and personalized service.


The Founders

Bespoke Teamwear(A Sports Wear Manufacturer), was founded by Mr. Shiekh Muhammad Saqib in 2018 after extensive Past experience of Sports & Fitness Wear being part of other world-class manufacturing firms in Sialkot, Pakistan.

Staff & Man-Power

Bespoke Teamwear, working with officially hired 20 members of Admin staff & Officers in varied departments of Material Imports, Productions, Inventory, Accounts & Sales. We have normal capacity of 50+ skilled laborers working in two shifts a day.

Tech & Capacity

We as Bespoke Teamwear Pvt Ltd, have 53 production machines of varied nature for clothing production equipped with advance technology. Our capacity is 15000-18000 pcs per month.
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